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Quick Service Restaurants

Texas & Arizona


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XAG Group has owned and operated Subway, Church's Chicken, and Papa John's franchises, which are positioned to harness the strengths of these well-established quick service restaurants (QSRs). This diversified portfolio allows XAG Group to tap into the popularity and unique offerings of each brand, creating a dynamic and robust fast-food business.

XAG Group's ownership brings operational expertise to the table, optimizing supply chains, controlling costs, and implementing effective marketing strategies for each franchise. This results in improved profitability and operational efficiencies across the board, benefiting both the individual QSRs and the overall portfolio.

Additionally, XAG Group's diversified ownership allows for potential collaboration and synergies between the franchises, creating opportunities for cross-promotions and shared resources. This cooperative approach enhances brand visibility and customer loyalty, ultimately reinforcing the competitive edge of the entire QSR portfolio.

In summary, XAG Group's ownership of Subway, Church's Chicken, and Papa John's franchises represents a strategic investment that combines the financial backing, operational expertise, and collaborative potential to drive the growth and success of these beloved QSRs.
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