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Property Management

At XAG Group, we stand out for our ability to offer a spectrum of services designed to meet your property requirements. Our XAG Management branch is dedicated to meticulously tending to your property, promptly addressing tenant inquiries and maintenance concerns, and upholding the pristine condition of your building.

Financial Obligations

Responsible for holding tenant security deposits, prepaid rent and collecting rental payments, providing regular financial reports to the landlord, making payments on the landlord's behalf with the appropriate access, and maintaining records like paid invoices, leases, and inspection reports.

Facility Maintenance & Operations

Repairs, and inspections, evolve a series of activities aimed at ensuring that a building remains in optimal condition, safe for use, and visually appealing to customers, landlords and investors. Aiding in the Tenant move out process and any obligation that subside.

Services Beyond the Scope

Having call outs for any before or after hours emergencies. Handling tenant buildout, remodels, and tenant move in. Following proper eviction procedures as outlined with state law. Abiding by POA/HOA concerns, insurance claim handling, being present for onsite incidents. Aid with utility and service contracts.

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