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Rasha at Audubon

Magnolia, TX

326 Multifamily Units

ETD 2025

Property Image
Rasha at Audubon is our exciting new development, slated for the upcoming year. This remarkable project is situated in the heart of Magnolia, right off FM 1488, within the newly developed 3,000-acre master-planned community called Audubon. The Audubon community is the brainchild of Sam Yager, who drew inspiration from the renowned American wildlife artist, John Audubon. This visionary development aims to embody the concept of a nurturing nest where families can grow and thrive.

Rasha at Audubon occupies 12 acres and is a class A Multifamily complex scheduled to open its doors in early 2025. Our goal is to offer a unique living experience that seamlessly blends suburban and urban lifestyles. To achieve this, we've interconnected the walking trails with the adjacent retail center, also owned by XAG Group. This thoughtful design allows our residents to enjoy the amenities available on both the residential and retail sides.

Situated just 15 miles from The Woodlands, a burgeoning hub for biomedical engineers and manufacturers, Rasha at Audubon provides an attractive alternative. Here, individuals can reside close to their workplaces at a lower cost per square foot while still relishing a high-end living environment. Our property boasts sophisticated amenities, including a business center, fitness center, glass yoga room, and serene water features.

Magnolia was the chosen location for Rasha at Audubon due to its exceptional growth in the surrounding area. It ranks 7th among U.S. counties for growth, boasts the title of the 2nd fastest-growing school district, is renowned for its safety, and has received recent recognition as one of the top 10 law enforcement agencies worldwide. This vibrant community is the perfect setting for our upcoming multifamily development.

We're excited about what the future holds for Rasha at Audubon and the opportunities it presents.
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